Vanilla Almond Coconut Milkshake

Paleo Vanilla Almond Coconut Milkshake via

Are you ready this weekend for a velvety smooth, creamy, decadent, easy to make, and naturally sweetened, healthy milkshake this weekend?

Then this my friend, is it!

Yes, if you are anticipating your Saturday (or Sunday) as much as I am, your weekend is just about to get better with this extremely delicious Vanilla Almond Coconut Milkshake I have made for you.

You know me, I am not afraid to compare against my other recipes, and be honest. While I very much love my Dharma’s Vegan Chocolate Milkshake and my old school Strawberry/Carob Milkshake because they are yummy too, the WOW factor of this milkshake is that it is not only healthier than the others, but it is totally and completely refined sugar free, does not contain any milk alternatives with carrageenan (for those of you steering clear), and it is (you know the drill by now): paleo friendly, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, ahhh! Let me sum it up this way – This milkshake outshines any of my previous thoughts on shakes because it is perfecto!

So here is how it happened…

Vegan Vanilla Almond Coconut Milkshake by

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Vegan Green Curry Fried Rice

Healthy green curry fried rice via

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Vegan Blueberry Vanilla Cheesecake

Raw Blueberry Vanilla Cheese Cake by

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When Gluten Free Isn’t Enough

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Coconut Lemon Ginger Tofu Stir-Fry on Sweet n' Savory Life blog

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Paleo Apple Pie Bites

vegan and gluten free apple pie bites by

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Easy and Perfect Vegan Hot Chocolate

vegan hot chocolate

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