Garden Vegetable Quinoa Chili + Giveaway!

Garden Vegetable Quinoa Chili - Healthy Gluten Free and DeliciousWe are officially into spring around here (crossing my fingers that it stays), and the sun has been shining beautifully!

I just love this time of year best too because it’s sunny and still cool outside – not too hot or cold, and a great time of year for any type of food really.

And if around your neck of the woods resembles mine at all, with cold mornings, warm days, and cool nights, this recipe is perfect for dinner!

It’s my new favorite chili recipe – garden vegetable quinoa chili.

It is warm, spiced just right with a nice spring-like interplay of cilantro, radishes, bell peppers, and the ancient grain that everyone has come to love – quinoa (keen-waa).

Now stick with me for this one because at the end of this post, I have a giveaway to share with you, because if you love this recipe, I want to give you an easy chance to get this new cookbook, and a total pack of gluten free goodies for your next health kick!

Here is what I want you to win…

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free CookbookGluten Free Ancient Grains

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